• Essential Companion Kits

    Essential handy kits that we have put together to help you get through the day, night and even your travels effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of being on the go, without having to stop and pack! Its the perfect companion for your everyday bag, office drawer and suitcase!

  • Compact and Portable

    The Pink Pharmacy Flats and Flip Flops weighs about 55 grams a pair, compact and portable—it comes with a capsule packaging and bag for ease of storage.

  • Fun Flats

    When your aching feet are moaning for comfort, or you ain't trudging through rough terrain in your beloved heels - slip on these soothing flats instead, and store your shoes in a nifty bag that comes along with it!

  • Ask Me!

    Hi, my name is Polly and I created Pink Pharmacy with an intention to improve the lives of women. Please click here to contact me if you face any problems or if you have any feedback. I promise to try my best to find a solution for you.